BOC 1001

Welcome to the Building Operator Certification online class, BOC 1001 Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems. Select one of the links to the right to view or access the course materials and video, or to take the course assessment.


This two-day class provides an overview of the Building Operator Certification program and fundamentals of building systems. The class focuses on the operation and maintenance of envelope, central heating, cooling, air and ventilating systems in buildings. Emphasis is placed on group problem-solving and exercises with respect to preventive maintenance. An in-facility project provides hands-on practice in drawing or reproducing a simple floor plan of a building and locating the major components and sub-components of the building ventilation, heating, and cooling systems. The finished floor plan should provide a well-organized, general sense of system design in the operator’s facility and serve as documentation for noting present system operating conditions, health and safety risks, and performance problems.